World Environment Day

This year's World Environment Day emphasizes the "Think.Eat.Save - Say no to Waste" theme, aiming at reducing the enormous quantity of food, which is wasted by consumers and businessmen.

The United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), UNEP's partner in the campaign, informs that 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown away each year.

Because of this enormous imbalance and its devastating impacts on the environment, the Think.Eat.Save campaign encourages people to think about the environmental impact of their choices regarding their nourishment.

If food is not eaten, it means that all the resources used in its production are also lost. Wasted food is an enormous consumer of natural resources and contributes to the negative impacts to the environment.

For example, one thousand liters of water are necessary to produce one liter of milk, and each hamburger consumes 16,000 liters of water used in producing cattle feed. And greenhouse gases are emitted throughout the entire production chain.

This year's campaign invites you to act at home and in your community, realizing the power of collective decisions in order to reduce waste, save resources, minimize the impact to the environment and promote changes in food production processes in order to make them more efficient.

Think Before you Eat and Help Save the Environment!

ZEN actions on June 5th

-the exhibition of several composting models, especially the manual, television and residential composters (super R3), in partnership with CEPAGRO - Center for the Studies and Promotion of Group Agriculture / Florianópolis, SC. They will bring organic compost produced with the creatures that live in it (worms, centipedes...) and also material about the consumption of organic foods and options for the collaborators to have access to this food.

-exhibitions from the Tia Laura, Adelina ZEN and APAE Schools from Brusque, with materials (carpets, recycled paper, clothing) recycled from the "trash".


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