Capturing 14 patents, the company is investing R$ 36 million in projects until 2015

ZEN S.A., the largest worldwide independent starter motor drive manufacturer, has maintained its investments in innovation for introducing new OEM and aftermarket products. Through 2015, the company plans to invest R$ 36 million, financed by FINEP, in a number of initiatives.  The resources will be allocated to the Research & Development (R&D) and for the Advanced Projects, on which a dedicated team of professionals exclusively works, for the development of new patents targeting the next five years.

According to Geraldo Coelho Neto, Product and Processes Engineering manager of ZEN, the new products being developed by the advanced products team offer important benefits to the company customers, as in the case of the worldwide patented OAD (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler) alternator pulley.  The new Zen Z-Vib OAD pulley reduces engine vibration, offers greater efficiency in idle speed reduction and reduces tension in the vehicle accessories belt drive system.  "The innovation is a strategic one and is part of ZEN's strategic focus contributing to the company growth.  New products are why we invest 5% of our revenue in R&D.  Presently, we have 14 patents filed", he explains.

This innovating culture has added to the quality of its products and operational excellence that lead ZEN S.A. to be chosen by BOSCH to develop, in partnership, a new product, with a state-of-the-art technology, for the automotive market.  "For us it was very important to take part in the worldwide introduction, with a Brazilian platform", points out Coelho Neto.

 ZEN S.A. also received recently the Gold Magnet Award, in the "Outstanding" category.  This award is granted by BOSCH to the supplier-partner showing a differentiated attitude by means of technical improvement ideas, logistics optimization and readiness in meeting special requests, among others. "This is the recognition of the work we are doing along with investments in R&D, new product research and continuous productivity improvements. The award was the culmination of many hours of projects, processes and strong efforts from the entire team", points out Coelho Neto.

 In production, ZEN S.A. recently made investments in lean manufacturing through the acquisition of a 1600 tons press for cold forming larger parts which will provide productivity improvements. Zen is investing significantly in its manufacturing area for increased capacitation with new projects.  Today, ZEN S.A. has 2000 products in the areas of: cold forming, starter motor drives, tensioners, alternator pulleys, planetary gears and hydraulic actuators.

About ZEN

ZEN S.A. has been in operation since 1960 with manufacturing components for automotive, motorcycle and marine engines along with development of special projects.  Zen is the largest worldwide manufacturer of starter motor drives and is an original equipment and aftermarket supplier exporting to more than 100 countries. It has more than 1000 direct employees with quality certifications: ISO 9001, ISO-TS 16949 and ISO 14001 standards. The company has exclusive dealers in the aftermarket throughout Brazil and abroad, as well as strategic offices in USA, Germany and China.

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