Make More – Make it Better

Transformation is a word easily applied to ZEN S.A. Industry. It’s part of the organizations life; transform metal into high quality products; transforming goals and objectives into positive results; initiatives and respect in relationships with employees, customers and community to further enhance a higher quality of life. In these respects, ZEN continues to evolve and transform itself into a much better company, preparing itself for future sustainability.

With almost 1,000 direct employees focusing on ZEN, as well as collaboration with our worldwide customer base and millions of parts produced every year under the most rigorous quality standards, ZEN is constantly building and looking towards the future. The company has 50 years of experience overcoming challenges, meeting customers’ needs and expectations, overcoming obstacles, achieving awards and certifications which have all contributed to the success and reputation ZEN now enjoys. Founded in 1960 by brothers Nelson and Hilario ZEN – both who were born in Brusque – the company has always acted based on solid values and visions and these values and visions have been implemented into the company’s culture throughout the organization.

ZEN manufactures starter drives, starter pinions, planetary gears, and pulleys – both free wheel system as well as rigid. In addition to these products, ZEN manufacturers tensioners for automotive applications as well as starter plates and chain tensioners for the motorcycle industry. Our company also now includes ZEN ALUMINUM that produces alternators housings as well as aluminum and cast iron starter motor housings. ZEN ALUMINUM also offers it’s injection services to outside companies.

ZEN S.A. success and sustainability is a result of many aspects:

a. The culture and values that the ZEN brothers implemented
     throughout the company and over the past 50 years

b. Innovation and quality of the entire product line

c. Social and environmental responsibilities – not just in our
    own backyard, but globally as well.

All these united have formed a solid organization, conscious of its importance and potential, focused on the future and dedicated to the sustainability of the company.

ZEN is present in all continents. Besides growth in the worldwide market, ZEN is continuing to grow in the Brazilian market due partly to the large increase in Brazilian vehicle production.
All products made by ZEN have the same high level quality built into them – regardless of what country or what segment of the industry ZEN sells to. This quality is processed throughout all levels of the company – from employees and their commitment, advanced technology – to assure that the ZEN quality and reliability of the products that customers have come to expect is same no matter what customer or where we sell the ZEN line.

The ISO 9001 and ISO TS16949 certifications shows further proof of the ZEN commitment, but at ZEN, we take this another step and strive to surpass these requirements, constantly look for ways to improve upon on products to always provide our customers with the highest quality product we can. Even though market conditions or expectations might demand such high quality product, this is the ZEN way of doing business and we feel it has made a difference.

Making it better and innovation has always been a trademark of ZEN. ZEN continues to evolve and broaden its product line as a result of this and recent additions to product line have been enormously successful. With a constant eye towards sustainability, the company realizes that innovation is a key to success and is always acting towards this goal. With the project “Inova ZEN” the company has shown its competence in development and implementation of internal actions and processes in a variety of fields, as well as development of new products. Recently the company was cited as being one of the most innovated companies from South Brazil.

While guaranteeing the highest quality products and staying innovated, ZEN also realizes we must stay competitive in all markets throughout the world. ZEN has developed programs to provide continuous training and team oriented employee projects to achieve goals. ZEN has currently implemented project Lean Manufacturing (a system of pulled production and it’s diverse tools) as well as project Continuous Improvements which directly involves all employees and has met with tremendous success and helped maintain our competitiveness in market.

ZEN realizes that our employees are our most valuable asset. We realize that the success of our company is built by capable and engaged employees. ZEN invests heavily in our employees’ development and we value the talents and knowledge each employee offers the company. ZEN encourages and has programs developed for further education and participates along with the employee until they reach their objectives and goals. In addition to this, ZEN provides many other company benefits while rigorously following all legal requirements for each and every employee. ZEN is proud of its employees and feels they are highly qualified and committed to achieving the goals of company as well as contribute to the success of ZEN.

Customers, suppliers, shareholders and community complete the ZEN S.A. company. Each of these relationships is based on ethical principles, respect and continuous improvement. True partnerships between all these groups assure all of mutual benefit and success for the future.

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