Hydraulic Clutch Actuator

Available in Agosto/2011 the Hydraulic Clutch Actuators come to consolidate the participation of ZEN on auto mechanics line.

Starter drives

ZEN is the world leader in the manufacturing of the starter drives. There are approximately 800 models to diverse applications on the original and replenishment market. On the Maxitork drives, applied to heavy vehicles with torque high capacity, ZEN has a great quote of participation on the global market. On the conventional drives, the secret of success is the same: quality and competitiveness.

Starter and Alternator Housings

The bearings made of aluminum are injected and milled on its own complex, with total control of the processes and with a quality product guarantee.

Clutch Pulleys

ZEN's clutch pulleys product line is constantly growing up. It's hardness and durability with OE standards is the great differential.

Rigid Pulleys

The rigid pulleys are made of steel or cast iron have a vast range of applications in alternators that use V belts and Micro V belts.

Planetary gears

ZEN uses a unique and patented process on the planetary gears productions that provide better system hardness presenting total annealing of the axis.


In the market since the end of 2009, it marks the entrance of the company in the mechanic segment. The tensioners use the backstops lock system, having high durability proved on field tests.

Chain tensors

Technology and innovation are expressed in this innovative product. ZEN starting plates have paten requiredt. They have more hardness, softer starts and with less friction.

Starting plates

Technology and innovation are expressed in differenced product. ZEN starting plates have required patent. They have more hardiness, softer starters and with less attrition.

Nautical and Outdoors Product Line

ZEN also manufactures starter drives that fits to Jet Skis and ATV applications. Products that guarantee your recreation with proved quality.

Cold Forming Parts

ZEN also produces cold forming parts for many applications. An example is the pulse wheel, assembled on the ABS brake system.

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